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North Star Wealth Strategies LLC


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Fort Worth, Texas 76102

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At North Star Wealth Strategies, we work with clients from all walks of life. Whether they are families, business owners, or executives, many of them have worked hard to build their wealth and want to ensure their assets work hard for them during retirement. Through comprehensive wealth management and financial planning services, we seek to address the many questions and concerns they face.

Wealth Management*

Through wealth management, we help clients create and maintain an investment portfolio that helps them pursue their goals using appropriate diversification based on their objectives and risk tolerance. Our professional resources provide clients access to a wide variety of traditional and alternative investments.

Financial Planning*

Financial planning is the process of identifying your financial goals and creating a roadmap for how to achieve them. To create a financial plan, we spend a good deal of time determining a client’s vision, values and goals. Next we gather the necessary information on what they currently have and are doing. Only after that do we work on the mechanics of designing and implementing the appropriate strategies for their personal roadmap.

Retirement Planning*

Retirement planning is critical for individuals and families approaching and living in retirement. As clients approach retirement, we work with them to develop strategies for preserving their wealth and creating a consistent stream of income. Through the process, we analyze income sources, help determine future expenses, and assist with 401(k) and IRA rollovers. This may help clients determine when they can retire and what income they may be able to plan on receiving on a regular basis. For retired clients, we can answer questions on insurance (including life and long-term care) and continue to manage their assets throughout retirement.

Estate Planning

Many individuals want to leave a legacy for their family or for causes they are passionate about. These wishes are carried out with proper estate planning. We help clients identify how they want to pass on their assets, who will receive what, and when and how. Additionally, we can work with a client’s attorney to assist in ensuring an estate plan is in place.

*These services are offered by Rick Petty through his affiliation with United Planners Financial Services.